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High-Quality CBD with
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balance body and brain and feel great again.

Why choose us?

The Lunatic CBD embraces a natural approach to wellness by sourcing natural ingredients and creating a multitude of convenient ways to add CBD to your daily life and improve your wellbeing.

100% Natural Ingredients

We source the most natural ingredients all over the world. Our CBD is grown and processed in Colorado under strict standards, which are carefully controlled to ensure that only high-quality products will come out of it!

Then we blend our premium CBD oil with extra virgin olive oil from Spain for an extra health benefit not available anywhere else on earth – guaranteed satisfaction.

Professional Formulation

Finding the right product for your family can be difficult. With thousands of consumer products on the market, it’s hard knowing which ones are safe and healthy to use.

Our formulas balance only the most innocuous  and natural ingredients that work together effectively in order to help you achieve what you desire.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our facilities have been designed to work with a low environmental impact. With our innovative products, we deliver quality goods at an affordable cost that won’t harm your budget or Mother Earth!

Our packaging is made up of recyclable glass and biodegradable plastic so not only yourself but also future generations will be able to enjoy our products too.

Quality is our standard

Quality assurance is a top priority for us. Our quest to make products safe and healthy has led us down an environmentally conscious path, where we follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) so that our customers can enjoy consistent quality from batch to batch feeling safe every time.

We work closely with a third-party lab in order to maintain this level of reliability on every product you buy!

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