About Us

Who we are:

We are a family-owned and operated company based in Rainier, Oregon.
Our roots stem back to over 100 years of proud business ownership. Among our many ventures, we import high-grade extra virgin olive oil from Jaén, Spain, and meld it with locally-grown, 100% organic hemp from Oregon, maintaining our vision of excellence and quality in the world of CBD products.

About our products:

Our products contain nature’s finest ingredients.
Our all-natural products are of the highest quality, including our extra virgin olive oil, which is exclusively obtained through a cold-pressed process.
The foundation of our product is a clean and true EVOO with a standout flavor profile and an acidity of less than 0.19. The olive oil is infused with CBD derived from local, 100% organic, Oregon hemp.
The Lunatic is perfect for use at every meal and it also promotes a healthy balance. Try The Lunatic and change the way you’re living…and eating!

Our mission & vision:

The Lunatic embraces a natural approach to wellness. By creating a multitude of convenient ways to use CBD, The Lunatic’s vision is to inform the world of the benefits of incorporating Cannabidiol (CBD) in daily life.

Important information:

MJ Packaging LLC is registered at the Oregon Department of Agriculture under the Hemp Handler Registration License number AG-R1064037IHH.

MJ Packaging LLC holds an Industrial Hemp Handler Certificate issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

All of our products are tested by the independent lab Green Leaf Lab.