Do you want to give your pet CBD? Here are some tips

Do you want to give your pet CBD? Here are some tips

Products with CBD can help improve the quality of life of our dogs or cats that sometimes suffer from stress, anxiety or muscular illness.

With the arrival of CBD products for pets such as Latocann you may have the idea of giving your dog or cat one of these preparations and you may be right, as some furry often suffer from stress and / or anxiety, others when they reach a certain age, begin to suffer from muscle aches.

Precisely, CBD is a good alternative to fight or reduce this type of illness and to provide a better quality of life to your pet, but, where to start?, what product to choose?, what dose to give?.

If you have all these questions, do not worry, here we will give you a series of recommendations. The first thing is to evaluate the behavior of your pet, sometimes it can become scared, shy, insecure or also irritated, which is an indicator that it needs help, so a medical consultation is not too much.

When talking to your veterinarian, you can ask him/her about the idea of CBD and he/she will most likely like the proposal, since it is a substance of natural origin, which although it comes from cannabis, is not psychoactive and does not produce harmful effects.

In the stores

Latocann is made by infusing extra virgin olive oil imported from Spain, with premium CBD from Oregon. This product brings the benefits of CBD to pets and additionally the benefits of olive oil consumption.

When you visit our eCommerce, you will find two presentations 250 Mg and 500 Mg each containing 30 complete doses of CBD. The 250 Mg presentation is ideal for small and medium sized dogs, providing 8.33 Mg of CBD per dose. While the 500 Mg is formulated with a higher concentration, 16.66 Mg of CBD per dose. It is ideal for big dogs, but can be used for small and medium sized dogs using 1/4 or 1/2 dropper as appropriate.


Now of arriving home to give the dose to the animal, it is advisable to begin with very low quantities and to increase in a light way, according to the behavior, and even the first time that CBD is given, you should apply half of the recommended dosage.

Stacy Richards, who has been marketing CBD to pets for several years, suggests that you can start with one dose of CBD, twice a day, and then closely monitor your pet’s reaction. Exceeding the dose can generate side effects, such as diarrhea or excessive sleepiness, for which reason it is good to make a careful observation and notify any changes to the veterinarian.

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